Wild Goose Chase Review Part 1

Wild Goose Chase is an inspiring book by Pastor Mark Batterson.  Mark pastors National Community Church, an innovative church in Washington D.C.  In his book Wild Goose Chase, he writes about how our pursuit of God’s will and purpose is often a wild goose chase.  In using this analogy, he references the Celtic Christian term for the Holy Spirit, An Geadh-Glas, which means the wild goose.  Batterson reveals, through Bible accounts, as well as stories from his own life, what the Wild Goose Chase looks like. 

This book is perfect for those who desire to know God’s will and are willing to pursue his ultimate purpose for their lives.  There is a disclaimer, however, the road to God’s will is not always the easy way or the path we think it should be.  Our lives are intricately orchestrated by the Holy Spirit and He works in ways that are sometimes mysterious.  He leads us down different paths, often hard, to get us to our ultimate place of fulfillment.  Wild Goose Chase challenges believers to follow the Holy Spirit’s leading.

Batterson helps those who have been on this chase, by chronicling his journey to plant a church in Washington D.C.  He shares that sometimes God leads us through failures (in his case a failed church plant in Chicago) to get us to our destiny.  In the chapter, Sometimes It Takes a Shipwreck, he writes, “When the dream of planting in Chicago died, I was willing to go wherever the Wild Goose wanted to take me.  And honestly, the farther away from Chicago the better!  But I am not sure I would have been open to moving to DC if the ship hadn’t sunk in Chicago.  I still have lots of questions about that church  plant.  Were we even called to plant the church in the first place?  Or did God plan the failure?  Was our timing off? Or was it my ineptitude that caused it to sink?  I have more questions than answers, but I came out of the experience with a new conviction: sometimes it takes a shipwreck to get us where God wants us to go.”

Mark Batterson has written what I believe is one of the most compelling books on the subject of pursuing God and His will.  He has an engaging style of writing that captivates the reader.  He is a well studied author who shares illustrations from his personal life, science and history to make a book that is an easy read.  I would recommend this book to anyone who is looking to discover God’s will or who has been frustrated in that journey.  This is an excellent tool for small-group study or Sunday School. 

Here are some of my favorite quotes from Wild Goose Chase:

“The promptings of the Holy Spirit can sometimes seempointless, but rest assured, God is working His plan.  And if you chase the Wild Goose, He will take you places you never could have imagined going by paths you never knew existed.” pg. 2

“I don’t know a single Christ-follower who hasn’t got stressed out trying to figure out the will of God.  We want to solve the mystery of the will of God the way we solve a Sudoku or crossword puzzle.  But in my experience, intellectual analysis usually results in spiritual paralysis.” pg 2

“A part of us feels as if something is spiritually wrong with us when we experience circumstantial uncertainty.  But that is precisely what Jesus promised us when we are born of the Spirit and start following Him.  Most of us will have no idea where we are going most of the time.  And I know that is unsettling.  But circumstantial uncertainty also goes by another name: adventure.” pg 2

“I’m not convinced that your date of death is the date carved on your tombstone. Most people die long before that.  We start dying when we have nothing worth living for.  And we do not really start living until we find something worth dyng for. Ironically, something worth dying for is what makes life worth living.” pg 16-17

You can find a copy of Wild Goose Chase at Christianbook.com.

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