Monday Morning Again

We had a great Sunday yesterday!  Both our AM and PM services had strong atendance.  We have been fortunate to beat the “summer slump”.

Monday morning is the beginning of another week for the pastor.  6 days to get ready for the next Sunday.  Next Sunday, we will conclude our ROADSIGNS series by looking at the Yield Sign: yielding to the Holy Spirit. 

It is a somewhat busy week this week.  I have an assessment to do at the District Office today.  Wednesday is church and Thursday is our monthly board meeting.  I enjoy our board meetings (I know that sounds awkward).  We have a great group of guys to work with and we look forward to building the church together.

Hope you all have a great week!  This week, I will be posting a review for a book I have been reading, Wild Goose Chaseby Mark Batterson.  Check back tomorrow.

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