Mac on Windows

Josh and I went to Office Depot (our favorite store) and I went to the laptop department.  There was a teenager who had just left the computer aisle making some snide remark about the store not having Mac’s.  (By the way, I hope to one day graduate to a Macintosh) 

As I went to look at the inferior Windows laptops I  noticed the vandalism of this young man.  He had typed in on every Windows Laptop, “I love macs or Mac’s rule.”  I even saw one that said, “Not Windoze!!!”.  I got a kick out of it, even if I am a PC user.  Oh, how competition is always fierce.  It seems in almost ever area of life there are bitter rivalry’s.

In the life of the believer there is also a bitter rivalry.  Good vs. Evil.  God vs. Satan.  Love vs. Hate.  We must choose the better one.  Good…God…Love…

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