Going For The Gold

Olympian Micheal Phelps is incredible!  He has been dubbed the “human dolphin” because of his extreme speed and agility in the water.  Mark Spitz’s unprecedented record in the 1972 Olympics was thought of as the greatest accomplishment ever.  7 Gold Medals.  Yesterday, Phelps tied the record and is going for his 8th gold.  He is pumped!

Every Olympian has dreams of getting at least one gold medal.  Phelps could have been satisfied with one or two.  But to him, the more the better.  One is not enough.  It is said that after his 4th or 5th medal.  He stuffed it inside his jacket after the ceremony and hurried off to the next race.  He had more to win. 

In our Christian walk, this is the way it should be.  We are working for a crown, a prize in Heaven.  We are working to build God’s kingdom and we cannot be satisfied with one victory or one soul won.  We must always be looking for more.  Always looking for the next race, the next prize for God’s glorious kingdom.  Many of us revel in the moments of victory.  But our gold medals are not distrubuted in this life.  Our medals are stored up for us when we get to Heaven.  When we gain a victory for the Lord, we must stuff it in our coat pocket and go off to the next race.  One is never enough, let’s run full speed until we cross the finish line.

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