Recently, I began practicing an old habit.  When I first began pastoring, I kept a journal of my journey. My spiritual journey and my pastoral journey.  It is always interested looking back to see what God was doing in my life.  On the same token, I find solace in seeing the times when my spiritual life was dry and somehow, God revived me.

This week I began to journal once again.  It is a difficult habit to form, after all there is alot to do; why add another thing in the fire.  But it is healthy to remember the things God is doing and speaking into your life.  Journaling helps you focus on what you are dealing with, struggling with or even the things you are thankful for. 

In forming the journaling habit, try to write at least 3 times a week.  Keep it in a private place.  Read back over all entries at least once a month to see what God is up to.  Many ask, “what should I journal about?”

1.) Significant happenings in your day.
2.) Scriptures that speak to you and what they are saying to you.
3.) Impressions you feel God is giving you.
4.) Things you are thankful for.
5.) Interesting things that you faced for the day.
6.) Honest feelings about your struggles.
7.) Praise when you receive your victories.

I challenge you to get you a notebook or diary and begin journaling today.  You will be surprised how it blesses you.

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