Sweet Surrender

Yesterday, I got the new Hillsongs Worship CD, This Is Our God.  I am a huge fan of Hillsongs and this is one of their greatest cd’s yet.

There is a song written by Mike Guglielmucci that describes the greatest of all surrenders.  The bridge in the song Healer says, “Nothing is impossible for You, You hold my world in your hands.”  Did you catch that?  You hold my world in Your hands.  Our personal world is in God’s hands and He can turn it the way He wills.

Maybe you think nothing of that phrase but consider, this song was written by a guy with terminal cancer who led this song on the cd while strapped to an oxygen tank.  He is exclaiming, “You are able to heal, nonetheless, my world is in Your hands.” 

My friend,we do not demand God to do anything.  He is the creator of the universe and holds our world in His hands.  However, God dwells in the place of sweet surrender.  That place is where we can say from the depths of our heart, “Lord, my world is in Your hand.  Whether, healing or not, good times or bad, I will surrender all of my life to you.  Do what you please in my life!”

It is in that place of surrender that God can do the most because He knows that He has all of you.

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