Storms Are Brewing

What a crazy weekend!  Last night some powerful thunderstorms moved through right before church and knocked the power out in half the building. (I don’t know how it went out in half the building. But I am sitting in the dark and still able to plug in my computer)  We had an abbreviated service last night and went home to find out, from the news, that we are in a hurricane warning. 

It seems Tropical Storm Eduardo is headed for the Texas Coast.  They are predicting that it become a Category 1 Hurricane by morning.  When you live on the coast it seems inevitable, but who really likes the prediction of these storms.  Last year, we went to sleep with Tropical Storm Humberto, which was a low-grade TS, and we woke up with a Hurricane.  In 2005, we were hit head-on with Hurricane Rita which did immense damage to our area.  I feel like I might be bad luck for this area:)  They didn’t have a hurricane for the fifty years before I moved here.

Storms along the coast are a part of living on the coast.  Storms in the life of the believer are inevitable also.  Just because we are Christians doesn’t mean we are exempt from hard times.  Life is sometimes hard and there are seasons in our life where it feels like the storms are brewing.  We have to bat down the hatches and endure the storms of life with the help of our Lord. 

When the storm winds blow in our lives, we have to rely and trust in the Lord.  We must place our hope and confidence in Him.  He has endured every storm imaginable to man.  The Bible says that He is touched with the feelings of our infirmities.  He was in all points tempted like we are.  Jesus understands when the storms brew in our lives and He challenges us to cast our cares upon Him for He cares for us.  Cast your cares on Him, He is able to sustain you.

P.S. Pray for the Texas/Louisiana coastal communities.

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