Sunday Morning Greeting

This morning as I walked into the back door of the church, I was greeted by someones vandalism.  What a way to start off Sunday Morning.  Sunday mornings are pretty jam packed already, there is not much time to erase someone’s idea of a practical joke.

As you can see someone thought it was a great way to spend Saturday night by painting the back door of our church.  There were two paintings; I covered up the vulgar one. 

I often wonder what goes through someone’s mind when it comes to desecratng a house of worship.  I was irritated but I was also saddened to know that the person who committed this was a sinner.  It is more than painting a church door, it is a person who is not right with God and if their life does not change, they will spend eternity separated from God.

Pray with me that whoever did this will feel the conviction of the Holy Spirit and turn their heart to Christ.

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