Church Growth

I have been thinking lately on what the most effective method of church growth is.  The church world today has so many different “techniques” for building our church.  There are books that give us play by play action that will help us be the next Lakewood in less than 30 days.  Now I am being a little sarcastic but there is no shortage of methods for rapid growth. 

As I was thinking on this important subject, my mind has not changed to what I believe is the greatest of all ways for church growth.  One on One evangelism.  In this day of thinking bigger events bring bigger results, we have lost sight of the number one biblical method of church growth.  People inviting others to come to church.  People evangelizing those in their sphere of influence.  We have lost sight of this.

Big events generally garner a 1-3% return, but the church could double within a year if everyone just brought one person.  Imagine what the church could like like in a matter of 5 years.

Now let me share with you the sad truth.  Statistics show that we fail in this area.  It is said that 85% of Christians never invite anyone to church.  95% have never led anyone to Christ.  With statistics like these, we are in trouble.  Only 5% of Christians have led someone to Christ, and only 15% have invited someone to church.  This is a pity considering that this world is full of people destined for Eternal Hell.

There is the old saying, “Friends don’t let friends drive drunk”  We should be saying, “Friends don’t let friends go to Hell.”  Let’s make a renewed effort to bring our friends and family to church.  Invite someone!  Also, ask God to give you opportunity to share your faith with others.  Who knows people might respond!

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