Sermon Block

It has been one of those weeks this week.  I have been experiencing Sermon Block.  Writers have Writer’s Block so I guess preachers have something similar.  All week I have been toiling with my Sunday Morning message.  I would start.  Change it.  Start over. Throw it in the trash.  Pray.  Start over. Finally, I decided to preach on a different subject.  Then it began to come a little easier. 

Some weeks my brain works creatively.  Sermons just flow but other weeks it seems that I get stuck.  When I am in a series, I usually have at least one sermon out of the group that I just can’t get down.  I know what I am going to preach about, but I just can’t get it on paper.  I always skip that week’s sermon and come back to it.

I have often wondered if other preachers struggle with this.  Maybe you do not need to write your sermons, maybe you can just “wing” it.  But not Danny Cheney.  I like to write out my thoughts and try to memorize them.  I am just not gifted to go to the pulpit with Bible in hand and expect God to give it to me there.  I ask God to give it to me during the week so that I won’t be a nervous wreck on Sunday.

To my readers that are preachers, “What do you do to get through sermon block?  Are you a “wing it” kind of preacher or do you like to write out at least a portion of your sermon?  I would love to here from you (clik on the comments link below)

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