Caffeine Detox

“Hi, my name is Danny Cheney and I’m a caffeineaholic.  I have been dry for 3 days.” 

I began this week with the determination to kick my dependency on caffeine.  I have been a caffeine “junky” for 20 years.  Everyday was a day centered around several events; three cups of coffee in the morning, Sonic Happy Hour with 2 Route 44 Iced Teas in the afternoon.  If I missed any of these events I would tailspin.  I could not function with out my morning rush of caffeine and then I realized, I am addicted.

Now, I know that Caffeine is not a sin, nor is it necessarily bad for you BUT too much of anything is bad.  I decided to wean off of caffeine but instead I went cold turkey.  Day two was the toughest.  Cold sweats, hot flashes, feelings of sickness, and a headache that sent me into orbit.  On day two, I went and bought a Sonic Iced Tea, but I chose not to drink it which is simply miraculous.  Today is day three and I am feeling good.  I am craving Sonic Tea but I am not giving in.

Why do I tell you this?  Because in most of our lives there are things that are addictions to us.  Television, Internet, soft drinks, food, cigarettes, alcohol or even drugs.  Of course we rate the levels of addictions but what are you addicted to?  The Apostle Paul said, “I shall not be mastered by anything.”

What’s mastering you?  Do you need to cut back on something?  The fact is, it is easier to be mastered by hidings of the flesh than the things of the Spirit.  However, we must be mastered by the Spirit.  As for me, this morning I had 3 cups of decaffeinated coffee which has alot less kick, but it beats water.  And it is still coffee.

5 thoughts on “Caffeine Detox

  1. Are you trying to give me a hint after celebrating our new local Starbucks a few days ago on my blog?

    I don’t have a problem. I can quit anytime. Yeah.

    Seriously, congrats on kicking the caffeine habit. I need to make some changes in that area myself.

  2. I wasn’t pointing fingers even though you may recognize the pic from your blog. My advice on kicking the habit is try to do it when you do not have to prepare any sermons. Man, has it been hard to think.

  3. I’ve been totally coffee & diet coke free for one year now, and the 3 day headaches were horrible, but I still have to have my Route 44 unsweetened tea! (everyday). It’s hard waiting til happy hour then it keeps me up. But the morning special is too early! Ce la vie! Plus the crushed ice is too good to pass up! The coffee thing is a tough habit to break. Best wishes! Thru God all things r possible.

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