Road Signs Series

We begin our new sermon series Sunday, Road Signs: Postings Along The Road Of Life.  It’s theme is looking at the instructions of God’s Word that we should apply to our lives.  We will be looking at one way, yield, exit and the stop sign.  All of these have helps for us as we look at what postings God has given us along our road of life. 

This Sunday we begin with ONE WAY.  It is a simple message about the one way to Heaven.  If you have family or friends that need Christ, this Sunday is the perfect Sunday to bring them.  They will get a clear and simple message from the Gospel of John.

3 thoughts on “Road Signs Series

  1. I am looking for resources related to a sermon series I am calling “Road Signs.” Sounds like you have done this…Could you send me a link to resources…I pastor a church plant in Seligman, MO – just north of you (Mozark Fellowship). Thanks

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