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I got back last night from my prayer retreat.  I enjoyed my time seeking the Lord without distractions.  It is amazing how focused you can be when there is no interruptions, no phone, no Internet and no kids.  I didn’t even take a book to read.  I took my Bible, my study books and my laptop for Study Software.  I had a great time just praying and studying the Word.  I feel refreshed.

I went to Mardel’s on Monday and picked up a new Bible.  There is a relatively new version that is amazingly accurate to the Hebrew and Greek.  The ESV (English Standard Version)is very readable and I enjoy it for my devotional time.  I would suggest anyone picking up a copy of the ESV Bible.  I bought the single-column reference edition with wide margins.  I have never had a wide margin Bible but I love it.  Plenty of room to jot down notes as you read.

I would suggest people buy a new Bible version for devotional reading every couple of years.  It helps give a fresh perspective on the Word.  You can still  use your “main” Bible for study.

4 thoughts on “ESV Bible

  1. I preach from the New King James Version and do the majority of studying from the NKJV. For my devotional reading I periodically switch between different versions. NASB, NKJV, ESV, Amplified.

  2. My wife has an ESV, and she likes it. I haven’t looked at it very closely, but what I’ve seen looks very similar to the NIV.

    I typically go back and forth between the NIV and the New King James, and then look at The Message to punctuate a verse I’m grappling with.

    I may have to check out an ESV for myself. I’ve been wanting a wide margin Bible for a while myself, but the only one I can find in the format I like is the TNIV, of which I’m not a huge fan.

    Aren’t we blessed that we have so many translations from which to choose? It’s almost like picking your favorite flavor at Baskin Robbins!

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