Dog Show Part 2

I was quite enlightened by my first trip to a dog show.  I love dogs but some people go a little over board.  I witnessed first hand: dog salons, dog jewelry, dog clothes and even a pet deli (a smorgasbord of juicy bones in a hundred flavors).  The pet deli was kind of like Baskin Robbins for dogs.  But my favorite was the pet psychic.  Yes, bring in Fido and we will tell his future.  We will see if he will have a long life and whether he will marry a Chihuahua or a poodle or whether he will end his life being caught by the dog catcher.  My amazement at this was that people actually spend money on this stuff.  It’s a dog.  Their future is to be man’s best friend:)

On another note: Pet Books.  I have been trying for several years to find a publisher for my second book. The manuscript is complete but the Christian Publishing World is hard to break into.  I decided that I will write a book on dogs.  If you want to be an author you have to go to where you can be published.  Dog book publishers will take about anything.  My favorite titles were, How To Raise A Jewish Dog; Animals And The Afterlife: True Stories of our Best Friend’s Journey Beyond Death; and Animal Reiki, Using Energy To Heal Your Pets.  Okay, the afterlife one kind of messed me up.  I am an admitted skeptic/discerner of alot of things.  Tell me how they knew what happened to the dog beyond this life.  I understand those (humans) who die and come back and share their afterlife experience, because they can actually talk.  How did they find out their best friend’s experience? Do they speak bark or did the Dog Whisperer translate for them? Wait maybe the pet psychic helped them out on this.  I wanted to buy the book just to see what it said.  Those were only a few of the interesting titles.

I thoroughly enjoyed the dog show.  Sonya watched me capturing pictures of the dog books and said, “I feel a blog coming on.”  I am not sure what she meant.  I guess she thinks I will find something to blog about in almost anything:)

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