Dog Show Part 1

Saturday we made our first trip to a dog show.  The Houston World Series of Dog Shows was at Reliant Stadium and we surprised Josh with tickets to go.  Josh loves dog and is on his way to becoming a dog expert.  He reads about dogs.  Studies the AKC regulations.  He loves dogs!

Josh’s goal in life, up to this point, was to pet a Mastiff.  Josh has tried to talk us into buying a Mastiff for a long time.  The problem with this impressive dog is that it weighs in at over 200 pounds and can get up to 300 pounds.  The largest dog in the world is an English Mastiff.  343 pounds.  I can’t afford to feed a horse/dog.  Josh’s dream came true; he got to pet a Mastiff.

We watched the judging of the Working Group dogs.  Mastiffs, Great Pyrenees, Great Danes, Siberian Huskies and more.  We also watched the flyball competition which was absolutely awesome.  It is like a relay race for dogs.  Then we watched the agility competition for dogs.  This is like steeplechase.  They have hurdles and obstacles to go through.  It was entertaining but also revealed how smart dogs are.  It also revealed that dogs are alot more trainable than cats:)

I felt the most sorry for the poodles.  Look at the picture:  They certainly have to have low self-esteem when they look in the mirror with the haircut they are made to wear.  I also couldn’t help but feel sorry for the Pekignese.  They were showing in the ring next to the Mastiff.  Can you imagine the pain they felt looking up at the Mastiff and then waddling around the carpet only 2 inches off of the ground?  🙂

Overall, our trip to the Houston Dog Show helped reassure me of how creative God is.  So many breeds of animals with distinct qualities and impressive grace, intelligence and agility.  That cannot happen by evolution.  We were able to see over a hundred breeds of dogs, which proves that God is diverse and plans creation. 

We did not, however, agree on the specific dog for the Cheney household.  Sonya likes the Old English Sheepdog.  My favorite is the Golden Retriever and Josh wants a Mastiff.  We will wait until we can all agree.  Maybe we will settle on a cat:)  Just kidding!

Sonya's Favorite

Sonya's Favorite

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