This morning, I was reading in the New American Standard Bible and for the first time ever, I found a typo in a Bible.  Now note, it was a typo not an error.  It placed a b in the middle of a sentence and it made little sense.  It proves that man still makes errors.  Who would want the task of editing and reviewing the Bible for typo’s.  What a job!

Although I found a typo in my Minister’s Bible it proves that man makes mistakes, but the Word of God is still without error.  God’s Word is perfect.  It has the power to change lives.  Man makes typos in their everyday lives.  Mistakes in our relationships, on our jobs and in things we say.  Typos in just about every area of our lives.  God’s Word, however, stands!  It was written by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit and the Holy Spirit inspires us as we read it.  We can rely on God’s Word to help us in every area of our lives.  The Bible helps us correct the typos in our lives.


*by the way, CBD is having a great deal on this Minister’s Bible.  $19.99 for Genuine Leather.

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