Everyday, I have a habit.  Sonic Drive-in offers me a palce to go every afternoon to get an ice cold 44oz tea.  I have been frequenting this establishment for many years and they allow you to pay for your meal/drink from the comforts of your own car. 

We went Tuesday night for their half-price burgers and I decided to pay by debit.  Debit is intended to be used with security.  Meaning, you must have a pin number to use it.  As I slid my card into the debit machine it asked me if I knew my pin number (see attached photo).  I decided to select no just for fun, to see what would happen.  I pressed no and it approved me. (See attached photo) 

Now, I know this might not be too big of a deal. After all who is going to steal your debit card and go to Sonic, but it is principle.  Not to mention, if you press yes, you have to enter your number.  If you press no, you get approved right away.  No big deal!  From now on I will just press no and get done quicker.  But so much for security.

Thanks for listening, I just had to get this off of my chest.

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