Ever Learning

There is a something exciting to me about receiving a package from CBD, my favorite online bookstore.  When I see the UPS man coming to the door with the package in hand, my heart leaps with anticipation.  You see, I am a lover of books.  When I receive the package and begin to open it, it is like Christmas morning as a child.  It is a gift waiting to be unlocked.

Every month, I receive a book allowance from our church.  I use this wisely when I purchase books because I know the importance of learning.  These last few weeks I have been on a journey to sharpen my skills as a preacher of the gospel.  In recent weeks, I have been inspired by the preaching ministries of C.J. Mahaney and Francis Chan.  Their gifts as communicators have challenged me to grow in my ministry as well.  So, this month I picked up a couple of books that I hope will help me become a better communicator of God’s Word. 

I believe it is a necessity for every one of us, whether we are pastors or other leaders, to grow in our giftings that God has given us.  We have heard that practice makes perfect and that is true.  Although you need the anointing of God on whatever you do, we are still called to grow in our leadership and respective ministries.  Especially, if we are communicating the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

In the media age, it is harder to keep people’s attention.  We must learn to communicate with skill, clarity and substance.  People today are hungry for truth and as preachers of His Word, we must seek to prepare messages that help others grow in their relationship with Christ. 

If we are in ministry, we should be studying ministry, seeking wisdom from others, reading books, and listening to how others “do” their ministry.

Every week I spend my driving time, listening to podcasts of other preachers.  This helps me learn how others communicate, as well as, how they tell the truths of the Bible.  If we as Christians feel like we have arrived and do not need to learn anything, then we need to learn humility.  We should be ever learning.  What is your ministry?  Have you studied how to be better at it?  Is there anything you need to change to help you become better?  Study Hard!

Books of the Month:

Preaching That Connects by Mark Galli and Craig Brian Larsen (I read this many years ago and helped shape my style of sermons.  I am revisiting it again to polish up.)

Preaching With Passion by Alex Montoya

Paul, the Spirit and the People of God by Gordon Fee

Lecture To My Students by Charles Spurgeon

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