Today at lunch I was playing with Hannah in her room.  I was leaning back in the chair while she was looking through a coloring book and saw a picture of Jesus.  She looked up at me and said, “Jejus!”  She had a sense of excitement in her voice.  She recognized the Savior of the world.

Now, I know that she is too young to understand the fullness of who He is, but she does realize that there is something special about Him.  

A thought stirred in my heart as I pondered her acknowledgement, “They are never too young to start learning about Jesus.  If you think that Sunday School for a 20 month old doesn’t work, think again.  If you think that teaching them about Christ at home doesn’t work that young, think again.  It is never too early to teach them how to pray, or about the Bible, or even about who Christ really is.  They will pick up some things and not understand others, but the truth is, we must teach them as much as possible.  It pays off!

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