Your Pastor is Syruped!!! By the NFAG Kids Zone.

Guest Blogger: Sonya Cheney


If you had the privilege to come to the July 4th Fellowship you got to see your pastor at his sweetest.  And it may be the only time you will see him that sweet!  We have been married almost 17 years and I know he’s never been that sweet before!  or that Sticky.


He got to face his greatest fear, sticky stuff!  Now this was his own fault for announcing his greatest fear to the whole congregation.  Everyone picked up on it and well you can just say he’s faced it a few times since. (never announce your greatest fear to everyone!)  But he did it for a great cause, MISSIONS. 


Your pastor has a heart for missions.  He wants to see the world won to Christ!  Now as you know this takes money.  Wasn’t it Paul that said “How will they hear unless we tell them and how can they go unless we send them?”  That brings the responsibility to us.  And so he has done several crazy things in the past to raise money for missions.  A few years back he sky dived out of a perfectly good airplane now yesterday he was willing to be doused with pancake syrup. 3 gallons of it to be exact.  And the kids had a wonderfully fun time doing it!  I mean how often do you get to dump pancake syrup on your pastor?  (When Hannah seen what they were doing to him she kept asking for Pancakes!) 


What would YOU be willing to do for God’s Kingdom?

Woud you be willing to face your greatest fears? 

Would you give of yourself whatever God asked of you?


The time is now to do Work for His Kingdom!  Let Go and let God use whatever He wants to advance His Kingdom. Even if it is your greatest fear.  He will be right beside you even as he was with Danny.  Even if it means getting sticky, He wont leave your side!!   Be Kingdom minded not me minded.


More photos can be found here.

One thought on “Your Pastor is Syruped!!! By the NFAG Kids Zone.

  1. I must say that Donald and I got quite a lot of joy looking at these pictures! You are so funny! I would have liked to see more syrup on your head…I think the people there are nicer than the people in Jville. 🙂

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