My Last Prayer

This last month we have been going through our series entitled, “My Last Series”.  We have looked at My Last Sermon, My Last Wish, My Las Month and this morning’s My Last Prayer.

If I only had one last prayer, what would I pray?  I thought of many things, “I would pray for my family, my healing, my lost loved ones” but none of those seemed to fit.  I finally concluded that I would pray for the most powerful force in the world. Unity.  “Lord, make us one!”

There is power in unity and if the church of Jesus Christ would focus on building His Kingdom together, look out, great things would be done.  We looked at the results of unity:

1.  Revival happens when the church is unified.

2. Miracles happen when the church is unified.

3. The sky is the limit when the church is unified.

God blesses when we are unified in our purpose.  What is our purpose?  Loving God, Learning Together and Living Servanthood.  If we are busy focusing on living these out, friends, we will see God move.

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