Failure Can Be Good

Last night, as I was driving past one of Nederland’s Middle Schools, I noticed a banner hanging inside the foyer that read, “Failure is not an option.”  I understand the intention behind that statement is probably saying that nothing is impossible if we try, however, I think the banner is a little negative.  Maybe I took it wrong but when we communicate failure as not being an option it hinders us from trying things that we do not “think” we can succeed at.

The other day I was sharing with someone a dream that I have that is a little impossible to attain on my own.  As they read this dream of mine they instantly began to tell me that I was crazy.  When I defended myself, they said simply, “I am just trying to keep you from failing.”  I replied that I am not afraid of failure as long as I try great things for God.  I would rather fail taking risks than I would always playing it safe. 

When we teach our kids that failure is not an option it sets them up for safeguarding against it.  Somehow in our American culture we have made success the main prize, however, failure is healthy.  I learn the most from my failures.  When I try something that doesn’t work, it doesn’t make me stop trying. It only causes me to learn from my mistakes so that I might try something else and see if I can succeed.  The problem with our mindset is that we seem to cater to the successful without ever looking at the mass amount of failed ventures they have incurred.  It is said of author John Creasy that he was rejected 563 times before he was accepted for a contract.  What if he would have given up as a failure at 562.

Do not be afraid to fail at trying something great!  If you fail start over, try again.

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