Sunday Recap – 06.22.08

Yesterday we were in week three of “My Last Series”.  We talked about My Last Month, what I would do if I had only one month to live.  It took me a while to narrow down what I would do but I felt like time was the most critical element.  I talked about Valuing Time and spending time in three areas.

1.  I would spend time with God.  Jesus spent time with God in the last hours of His life.

2.  I would spend time with my family.  In the last month of life I would spend time affirming my wife and investing in my kids. 

3.  I would spend time with certain others.  I would take time to reconcile with those I am at odds with.  I would also take some time to witness to my lost loved ones.

The sad thing is that often we wait until the end of our life to make these adjustments.  Our premise Sunday was to start NOW!  To start spending time with God, now.  To spend more time with our families, now.  To reconcile with others, now.  Do not wait until you only have one month to live, do it now!

This has been an eye-opening series for me.  I have never considered these things before.  It has been good for me, I hope it has been good for those who have listened.  Check back later this week for the sermon audio.

You can listen to last Sunday’s message “My Last Wish” here.

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