I’m Quitting Golf

Yesterday, I played the most incredible course I have ever played in my life.  It was immaculate.  It was beautiful.  It was tough!  Here is a picture of the 18th green approaching the club house.  This is one of the only times I didn’t lose a ball in the water. 

Although I was playing on an elite course, I was the least bit inspired by my game.  Because I was playing with preachers, I had to control my temper and not throw my clubs (just kidding).  I played the worst golf game I have played in my life.  I think I lost $30 dollars worth of golf balls.  The only reason the other pastors were so good at golf is because they never stay in their offices:)  

If you would like to buy my clubs I will make you a good deal.  I think I am going to start playing tennis.

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