Who Dreamed Up Computers?

I have long held this conspiracy theory that Bill Gates is actually using the PC to cause Christians to fall.  Every time something goes wrong with my computer, I have to battle my anger issues.  This conspiracy notion can be proven by reading the forums on microsoft.com. 

Last night I was up until midnight trying to fix Sonya’s computer.  She could print in every program but in Internet Explorer.  The trouble shooting began before church last night and I finally finished up at midnight.  The Problem?  The Anti-Virus software conflicted with Internet Explorer.  AVG and IE7 could not work together.  It worked fine until I uprgraded my Anti-Virus software and that one change wrecked my computer.  There was something in there that was not compatible with my other programs.  After uninstalling AVG and using something else, everything worked fine.

Life is often like this.  We are going along fine until we we make a little change in our lives and it creates a train wreck.  Sometimes changing the smallest things can lead to the biggest mess.  Oten it is allowing a small sin to creep up in our lives and all of a sudden things begin to go down hill.  It changes your life.  The fortunate thing is that we just need to do an uninstall.  Whatever you have begun to allow into your life, uninstall it, change it, do a system restore and God will help you get back to where you were.  Small compromises can effect all you do.

BTW, I really do not think Bill Gates is at fault here, but I still dream of owning a MAC!

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