Beware of Backsliding

Just read a great quote by George Whitefield, 18th century evangelist.  This will pierce your heart.

“‘There is no condemnation to them that are in Christ Jesus;’ but if you cannot fall finally, you may fall foully, and may go with broken bones all your days.  Take care of backsliding; for Jesus Christ’s sake, do not grieve the Holy Ghost. You may never recover your comfort while you live. I have paid dearly for backsliding. Our hearts are so cursedly wicked, that if you do not take care, if you do not constant watch, your wicked hearts will deceive you, and draw you aside.  It will be sad to be under the scourge of a correcting Father…Let me, therefore, exhort you that have got peace to keep a close walk with Christ.  I am grieved with the loose walk of those that are Christians, that have had discoveries of Jesus Christ; there is so little difference betwixt them and other people, that I scarce know which is the true Christian.  Christians are afraid to speak of God, they run down with the stream; if they come into worldly company, they will talk of the world as if they were in their element; this would not do when you had the first discoveries of Christ’s love; you could talk then of Christ’s love forever, when the candle of the Lord shined upon your soul.”

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