Another Monday Morning

After a crazy week last week, I am relishing in this quiet Monday morning.  I am sitting in my office, drinking a couple of cups of coffee and trying to play a little catch-up.  We had a great day yeasterday!  There was energy in our services.

Our new youth pastors were with us for the first time and seemed to mesh well with the congregation.  James preached a good sermon last night.  It is amazing how God gets His points across.  James’ sermon was along the same lines of what I preached Sunday morning.  No, we didn’t coordinate that, the Holy Spirit did.

We began “My Last Series” yesterday morning as I shared “My Last Sermon.”  It is amazing to think about what you would preach if it was your last sermon to preach.  I talked about, if I were looking back on my life, I would be more passionate.  More passionate about prayer, souls, and eternal things.  Most people get to the end of life with regrets; wishing they would have done things differently.  I have determined that we need to look back at our lives now and make adjustments so that when we get to the end of life, we have no regrets.  Let’s be more passionate.

I showed a picture of Sonya and I, when we were 19 years old.  Many people thought I ought to grow my hair out like it was in the picture.  Let me know what you think.  It might be possible.  By the way, is there any questions about why I married Sonya, she was and still is beautiful!  I am not sure why she picked me, I think it was my taste in shirts.

This week, we are looking forward to our training with Pastor David Plank.  He will be here Saturday sharing with our leaders.

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