When The Shoes Don’t Fit

Last night, Sonya and I were busy getting ready for our Sunday Services when we noticed Hannah struggling to put on some shoes.  When we came to check out what she was fussing about, it was a sight to behold.  She had the shoes from her Cabbage Patch doll and she was doing everything she could to get them on her feet.  The funniest part of it all was watching her walk in them.  She was tripping and fumbling her way around.  That’s what happens when you wear shoes that do not fit.

Often in God’s kingdom, we walk around in the wrong shoes.  We try to put on shoes that do not fit.  Wishing we could “fit” in someone else’s shoes.  God created us distinctly for the purpose He made us for.  If God implanted within us the gift of teaching, we will fumble our way around as a maintenance man.  If we were created with the gift of hospitality, we might not fit being a teacher.  We must all find what shoes fit us in the body of Christ and walk in what God has gifted us for.

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