The Burden

As I was driving down the road today, I was reminiscing about my 6th grade year.  It was my passage from elementary to junior high and I was on the road to having become a man.  Sixth grade was the year that I had to make a crucial decision in my life.  Band or Wood Shop.  A sixth grader should never have to make a decision like that.  Does band nerd mean anything to you?  Wood shop was more manly but I had this dream of being a drummer.  I wanted to play drums.  It was a passion.  I decided on band, and I would become a band nerd.

You see, the only cool people in the band were the percussionists and maybe the saxophonists.  So I thought I would be at least one of the cool ones.  My dreams were dashed on the rocks when my dad and I met with the band director.  It seems that every sixth grade boy wanted to play the drums.  It was too late to back out and my dad was there to help me make the decision. Well, actually it was all his decision.  The band director, Mr. Dempsey, had an opening for me to play the bass clarinet.  He might as well have said tuba.  This was a massive instrument.  The price was right, free, and that was music to my dad’s ears.  “My son, will play the bass clarinet.”  Oh thanks dad!  Yes, I still bear a small grudge over having to become a band nerd and never being able to learn to play drums. 

For my sixth grade year I bore the pain of this let-down.  Every day I was reminded of the decision that I had to play this ridiculous instrument.  I was out of place…it was not my pursuit and passion.  Is any one felling sorry for me yet?  I have scars over this.  Actually, the reason I hated the bass clarinet was because I had to carry it home every day.  A mile and a half…lugging a 4 foot case that weighed 25 pounds.  My hands hurt, I had blisters from carrying this every day.  It was a burden I had to bear.  I whined, I cried and no one cared!

Until one day, my dad, came home with a luggage dolly and a couple of bungee cords.  He showed me how to load the dolly and now all I had to do was pull the dolly to and from school.  My burden was lifted!  Thanks dad, I do remember your gesture to make things right,  From then on, it was easier to tote that old bass clarinet…my burden was lifted.

In life we have similar burdens.  It might not be a bass clarinet but it could be wounds from the past.  Broken marriages, abuses and hurts.  Maybe your burden is financial woes, or a sickness.  Maybe it is a wayward child or spouse that you worry about.  You can carry that load and let it be a grudge for you to bear.  You can hold the weight of the world on your shoulder and be shackled day after day.  But there is a Father who has provided for you a “luggage dolly” to help carry your baggage.  Peter said, “Cast your cares on him for He cares for you.”  Jesus said, “Come unto me, all who are weary and heavy laden and I will give you rest.”

Jesus is our luggage dolly and I encourage you to cast your cares on Him.  He will help lighten your load!

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