Two Are Better Than One

In the last couple of weeks we have been working around the house.  A spring cleaning of sorts.  We have painted, cleaned, worked in the flower beds and more.  it has been good and the house is getting some much needed attention.

Because of my displeasure for painting, Sonya has felt sorry for me.  On Monday, I was painting the iron gates on our porch and she grabbed a brush and helped me.  It was a very tedious job, but with two of us working on it, we got done pretty quick.  I worked one side of the gate, she worked the other.  When I would paint my side and use too much paint, it would drip to the back side.  Sonya would brush it out and it looked good.  Isn’t that the way teamwork is supposed to be?  Each on smoothing out the others shortcomings?

In the ministry of the church, it is the same. Two are certainly better than one.  Church is meant to be a team effort.  We help each other build the kingdom of God.  We need one another.  The Bible says that God has given gifts that compliment one another.  My gifting is not the same as others but we all can work together and use our individual gifts for the glory of God.

God never intended for chruch to be a solo project. More can get done when we all work together.

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