God’s “Small” Blessings

Sunday Evening, I got in my car to drive home from church, and it would not start.  In fact, it wouldn’t even turn over.  The battery was completely dead. 

As many know, I drive an older car.  A 94 Chrysler New Yorker.  I read a blog that was promoting the Junky Car Club and I thought I might join.  My car may not be the best but I love “Lucille”.  It reminds me of Don Chaffer’s song, At Least I Got A Car.  The lyrics go, “At least I got a car I can drive tonight, I know it ain’t much but I guess it’ll be alright.”  That’s my car, now back to the story.

I was frustrated because I don’t know how to fix cars nor do I like to pay someone else to fix them.  So, I took out the battery and went to Wal-Mart to get it tested and possibly get a new one.  I have had the battery for nearly 4 years and I was expecting to pay at least fifty bucks to get a new one.  When the assistant manager got done ringing me up, I only owed $15.26.  I was taken back.  I am not sure how it happened but I believe God was showing me another “small” blessing.

Life is full of “small” blessings.  Many people only count God’s hand at work if it is something “big” like a brand-new car or healing of cancer.  God may not have given me a new car but He saved me money in fixing my old one.  Let us never forget to thank God for the “small” things.  The Bible declares, “In everything give thanks.”  God is a God of big and small blessings.  A lot of small blessings are equal to one big one.

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