Good or Bad Stewardship

We recently went on vacation , and one of our stops was in Tyler, Texas.  Tyler has always had a lot of congestion on its main road and the state of Texas decided to make a loop around the outskirts of Tyler.  Sonya and I decided to take this “toll” road to see sights we had never seen before.  I remember expressly saying to Sonya, “This is a toll road but there are no toll booths.  I guess they don’t really charge toll.” 

Today, I found out that they do charge toll.  $1.65 worth of toll.  I guess this is a bargain considering I drove about 4 miles on this toll road. I will gladly pay the toll but I have to wonder how cost effective a buck sixty-five is.  You see, they mailed me a bill for a $1.65 cents. 

I pondered for nearly 30 minutes how cost effective this is for the state of Texas.  They print a bill for a $1.65.  They pay someone to stuff this envelope.  They pay the U.S. Post Office 41 cents to mail this bill for a $1.65.  I have never been accused of being smart, but it it doesn’t seem like they are going to pay off the debt on the toll road very quickly.  Somewhere, they need to reevaluate the process.

I think of this as bad stewardship of resources.  Then again, it may not be.  However, this $1.65 bill I received caused me to consider areas of my own life where I might not be the best steward.  Do I manage my time effectively?  Am I a good steward with my time?  Do I manage my money well?  Do I glorify God in my spending?  We can all evaluate areas of our lives where maybe we are not doing things wisely.  Are our ministries run effectively, using the best available resources? 

Everyone of us needs to look at how we spend our time and money and see if there is any room for improvement.

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