Excellence In Ministry

We live in a day when the church world has perfected the church experience and it is done with excellence.  Many churches have full scale productions that rival the quality of Broadway.  Our music is professional.  The pastors have become premier communicators.  I believe we ought to give God our best and do our best for His Kingdom.  After all, we wouldn’t be half-prepared for service if we knew the president of the United States were to show up.  We serve the King of the Universe, so we ought to give our very best.

The truth is, however, that we often make ministry excellence our priority rather than spiritual excellence.  Ajith Fernando said, “Excellence is important, but if it is not backed by a godly life, it is useless.”  We must maintain ministry excellence only after we have made sure our hearts and motivations are right.  We should strive for excellence in our walk with God, in our prayer lives, in our spiritual disciplines and in our lives of holiness.  Ministry excellence and spiritual excellence work hand in hand.

As pastors and leaders we must learn that there is a balance between these things.  Sometimes it is easier to “do” ministry in excellence than it is for us to live godly lives.  We must strive for both!

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