Hearing From God

As I have been on vacation I have been trying to finish the book Leadership From The Inside Out by Kevin Harney.  It is a book that helps you evaluate the issues of the heart and life of a leader.  It is about more than leadership gifting but rather the heart of the leader.  In the chapter The Leader’s Ears it talks about hearing from God and listening for His voice.  It gives a good check list that helps you evaluate whether you are hearing from God.  Here is what Author Kevin Harney writes:

Symptom Check: I am hard of hearing.

1. It irritates me when people talk about “hearing from God”.

2. I would love to hear God speak but feel like I am spiritually deaf.

3. Sometimes I think I hear God speaking or sense his prompting, but worry it’s  just my own ideas or my mind playing tricks on me.

4.  I make the most of my decisions on my own, rarely seeking wisdom from others.

5. I have teams of people who give me their input and ideas, but if the truth be known, I gather these people so they will agree with me, not really to hear their input.

6. I rarely ask friends for their perspective on my life and ministry.

These are good questions to ask ourselves.  I know I have some work to do on my listening, how about you?

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