The Lion Of The Tribe of Judah

This morning we went to Tiger Creek which is a rescue shelter for big cats.  When I say big cats I am not talking about overfed domestic cats.  Tiger Creek is home to tigers, jaguars, pumas, bobcats, panthers and lions. 

We took a guided tour through the park and saw some of the most incredible animals that God has created.  There was almost every kind of tiger species and their largest tiger weighed a whopping 675 pounds.  It was impressive.  There was a slightly smaller cat that I believe is more awesome than that, the lion.

As we looked at the Lion with his mane in perfect condition and beheld his silent power, I couldn’t help but think about the symbol of this animal.  The Bible declares this is a powerful animal with a prowess to stalk and hunt.  It can silently and patiently wait for his prey and devour it in a moment.  This is where the Bible declares that Satan is a roaring lion seeking whom he may devour. 

There is yet another lion the Bible speaks of that can devour Satan.  The Lion of the Tribe of Judah!  This lion embodies the majesty of Heaven.  Jesus is the perfect picture of the lion who is termed the King of the Jungle.  Jesus is the King of Kings!  As our eyes beheld this incredible animal, it only made us desire to behold the Risen Son of God in the Kingdom of Heaven, where the Lion will lay down with the Lamb.

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