Lufkin Zoo

On the way to Tyler yesterday we stopped at the Ellen Trout Zoo.  It was a nice little zoo with a good variety of animals.  As we were walking by the bird cages I noticed that someone whistled at Sonya and then said hello.  To be honest I thought someone was trying to hit on her.  I bowed up a little bit and then I found the culprit, here is the picture of him.  I let it slide because he was a bird.  As we journeyed through the zoo, we were amazed at how awesome God’s creation is.  From the power and might of the Siberian Tiger to the beauty and creativity of the peacock.  God is an amazing God with an ingenious and creative mind.

On a side note, if God is so creative and we are made in His image, we too, ought to use creativity to reach people for Christ. 

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