Paint Eater

I hate painting!  I believe I would rather have a root canal or even do plumbing but painting is on the list of things I despise.  I don’t know what it is about it.  I think it is because you have to be so careful and there is too much that must be done before you can start painting.  You have to pressure wash, scrape, sand, scrape, blast, tape, and then paint.  The worst part of painting for me is the scraping. 

This morning I began the mother of all paint jobs.  The house.  It needs paint desperately.  I tried hiring it done but the prospective worker left town.  I don’t think he liked painting either.  I began by pressure washing this morning, I grabbed my ladder and scraper and went to work.  After two hours of grueling with a scraper, I remembered the tool of tools at Sherwin Williams.  The paint eater!  That’s right, the Paint Eater by Wagner.  I went to Sherwin Williams and bought this tool and how did I ever live without it.  The Paint Eater, knocks off paint, helps smooth the edges and gets the wood ready for the paint.  I was done with the preparation after an hour.  God created the Paint Eater!  If you have a painting project pick one up.

On a spiritual note, we ought to be thankful we have a “Sin Eater”.  The blood of Jesus!  He helps remove the sin from our lives, He smooths out our rough edges and helps us get prepared for His service.  Jesus is the King of all Kings and He gave His life that He might become our “Sin Eater” or better said, “Sin Defeater”.

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