The Value of Rest

Recently, I read an article on the value of rest that really put into perspective the way we are as Americans.  We think the harder we work the better we are.  Our society glorifies busyness and overloaded workloads.  We have been conditioned to think that rest is lazy.  I have always felt guilty sitting around or even taking a day off when there is so much to be done for the KINGDOM.

Then I realized that even God took a break.  He created a Sabbath for the purpose of resting.  Six days we shall work and one day we should rest.  Could it be that we are so stressed out as Americans and even pastors, because we do not take the necessary time to refresh ourselves?  It is interesting to me that we feel like the world will stop if we stop. The truth is, however, God can keep things under control if we decide to take a break.

This is the subject of our message tomorrow morning.  By the way, it is a set up for my two vacation that starts next week:)

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