Questioning God

For many years, in my times of frustration I have asked God the loaded question: Why?  Why must I go through this?  Why must I do that?  Why? Why? Why?

As believers we ask God the why question many times, but as David Ring says, “Asking why, questions God’s authority.”  He goes on to say that we should ask what not why.  What do you want me to learn from this?  What is it you are trying to teach me?  What is it you want to accomplish through me?

I was reminded of this message by David Ring last night as I was reading Ravenhill’s Tried and Transfigured.  These quotes pierced my heart because I am a slow learner.  I still have a struggle asking Why?

Ravenhill writes, “If I could write another beatitude it would be this, ‘Blessed is the man who does not argue with the Spirit.’ In dealing with God we ought not to have a ‘Why?’  Make no mistake about it – some people do just this: argue with God.  For if God says, ‘Do this,’ their first question is ‘Why?’ 

Let us not argue with the Spirit!  Let’s ask God what, not why!

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