I have been reading the book Launching a Leadership Revolution by Chris Brady and Orrin Woodward and it has been a good read.  They write about starting a leadership revolution in our country, by multiplying godly leaders.  They have some great insight into the subject of leadership and I believe that we need a renewal of leadership from the pulpit to the pew.

I think the problem in the world today is two-fold: 1. Apathy (people are complacent and not willing to commit) 2. Misconcevied ideas of leadership (people have the wrong view of being a leader).  I think the misconceived idea is the greatest of the problems.  People honestly think that to be a leader, you have to be born a leader.  A leader is not born but made.  Woodward and Brady write, “Leadership ability can be acquired.  Some say leaders are born, that they come into the world with natural abilities.  This is certainly true to some degree.  Others say leadership can be learned…While people may exhibit differing levels of leadership, everybody can cultivate and grow his or her leadership ability.  Everybody can be a leader at something, and usually people’s strengths lie in areas that interest them greatly.”

I am challenged to work on my own leadership ability.  I can testify that some things must be developed.  God has been dealing with me about changing my greatest weakness.  Discipline.  My personality type does not complement discipline.  So that is the area I am working on.  To be more disciplined in everything I do.  My work ethic, spiritual disciplines, family and even in exercise.  Discipline is hard but necessary.

What area of leadership do you need to work on?

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