Busy Weekend

We had a great weekend here at the church.  Saturday we had a workday so we could get the place tidied up a bit.  We had 16 men come out to help work on the church.  I must say that it was the best turn out we have ever had and we were able to get a lot done.  It is amazing what you can do when you work together.

Sunday, we had another great day.  We talked about living faith.  That faith believes and responds to God promises.  Faith believes in God’s power and faith overcomes obstacles.  The most important element of our faith is that we keep Christ at the center of our lives.  Without Him we are nothing.  Life is not worth living if Jesus is not a priority in our life.

Last night, we had a singing service with a variety of people doing special music.  It was great to see the talent that God has blessed us with in our church.  God is truly good!

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