The Grind

Every week moving into the weekend, it is a busy time for pastors.  It is the process of meeting yet another weekly deadline.  Getting ready for the weekend service or services.  Sometimes it seems like a never-ending grind.  Every week we go through the same motions, preparing for Sunday.  It is our calling to prepare our messages, prepare the facilities, prepare the services and prepare anything else that comes up.  In all of our preparation, though, do we prepare our hearts?

It is easy to get caught up in the grind and forget to spend time with the Master.  It is time spent with Him that keeps us from burning out or getting frustrated with the mundane task of weekly preparation.  In fact, it is our time with Him that helps us keep the perspective that it is all for Him and for His glory.  Every ounce of preparation is for the work of His Kingdom and the pursuit of the souls of men.

I challenge every pastor or minister to be diligent, to guard their time with the Lord,  without Him it is only a weekly ritual.

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