I have been wondering lately where a little child learns not to share.  It seems as if it is second nature for kids to want everything for themselves.

Last night, Hannah had a little friend over to the house.  They were playing happily until they both wanted the same toy.  Then I heard the phrase of all phrases from my 18 month old, “MINE!”.  When the other little girl started playing with Hannah’s duck, Hannah wanted the duck for herself.  There is an unwritten rule with little children, “It is MINE whether I am playing with it or not! So deal with it!”  Hannah could care less about the duck until her friend wanted to play with the duck.  Kids?

Then the tables turned, when Hannah found her friend’s toy and started to play with it, the little girl exclaimed, “MINE!”  She has her unwritten rule too, “It’s OK to play with your toys, but don’t play with mine.”  I learned last night that within every child is an issue of not wanting to share.

Then I realized that often we never get over that issue.  As adults, we do not  like to share either.  We find it hard sometimes to give from our excess to help someone who has little.  Or we do not like to share our time, because our time is too precious.  We often do not like to share our money with the less fortunate or the ministry of the church.  As adults we have this same attitude sometimes, “MINE!”

The writer of Hebrews declares, “Do not forget to do good and share with others, for with such sacrifices God is pleased.”  We all need to learn to share, even us adults!

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