Easter Sunday

WOW! What a week it has been!  We have observed Holy Week this week and it has been awesome.  We started last Sunday by looking at the Triumphal Entry of Jesus Christ and then followed up Wednesday night with the story of the Betrayal. 

My personal opinion was that the heartbreak of the betrayal was possibly as difficult as the physical suffering.  From the betrayal and the mockery and humiliation that Jesus endured, can you imagine what His heart must have felt?  Friday night we looked at the crucifixion by seeing the cruelty of the Roman Soldiers and the price that Jesus paid for our sins.  We concluded with a time of Communion.  It was a great service!

This morning was the grand finale with a look at the empty tomb.  Jesus rose from the dead!  Our message this morning was centered around the thought, “the tomb is empty so that your heart doesn’t have to be empty.”  The grave couldn’t hold Him but your heart can!  We talked about the things that cause us emptiness and the remedy for it all, Jesus.

Our attendance was the best we have seen in five years and 2 people made decisions to turn their lives around and follow Jesus.  It was worth it all!

After service this morning, we went home to do an Easter egg hunt with Hannah and Josh (even if Josh is too big, he still likes the candy).  Both of my kids looked great in their Easter outfits but Hannah looked like my little princess.  She got out of the car this morning with her hat on and carrying her purse.  She strutted her stuff as she went to Sunday School.  Easter has been good.  Jesus is alive!

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