Every morning, I can count on one thing to happen in our household.  Josh, our 13 year old, will wake up, get out of bed put on his robe and go to the kitchen for breakfast.  If he is not spoken to, he will not speak.  But one thing is certain, he will never be without his robe.  He puts it on without thinking…it is a part of who he is in the morning.  That is what I call a habit.

Not all habits are bad.  A habit is something that we do that becomes second nature.  It is something we cannot live without.  For some it might be reading the morning newspaper or exercising, in my case my habits center around coffee, Sonic Iced Tea and Carmex.  These are 3 things I cannot live without. 

Beyond those kinds of habits, do we have any spiritual habits?  Is it second nature for us to wake up in the morning and pray, thanking God for another day?  Do we start our day with time in the Word of God?  Maybe you do not have habits in the morning but later in the day.  The truth is, that no matter when we have our habits, we ought to have spiritual habits.  If I can do without prayer but cannot make it without my coffee, I have a spiritual problem.

Evaluate your life and see what kind of habits you have.  If you do not have spiritual habits, begin today!

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