David Ring

Last night, Sonya and I took part in a service that featured David Ring.  David Ring is an evangelist who travels the nation preaching the gospel.  He is a successful evangelist despite having cerebral palsy.  When he speaks you hang onto every word because he has lived it.

Last night, he spoke on going through hard times and asking God why.  One thing he said stuck in my mind.  When we ask God why, we question His authority.  “Why are you doing this to me, God?”  He reminded us that we do not like it when our kids ask why because it challenges something we have said or done.  Our main response to our kids when they ask why is, “because I said so!”

David Ring challenged us to ask What instead of why.  What will bring You glory out of this situation, God?  My heart was convicted over the many times these last several years I have questioned God over and over.  When I face something, I challenge God’s authority in my life and am upset about what is happening.  We must be honest with God without challenging Him.  There is nothing wrong with telling God how you feel, but in the end we must stop and ask God to perform His perfect will in our lives.  Next time, you deal with some stuff, ask what not why!  This has changed my perspective.

He also talked about how we need to be making deposits in our spiriutal bank account, because one day we will need to withdraw from it.  When we go through struggles in life, we have to draw from our spiritual bank account and when we have made no depostis we will go bankrupt.  He told us that we must make sure that our well stays full so that when we need to draw water it will not be empty.  He reminded us  that if our well is empty, we must change wells.  We must tap into the well with the river of living water.  He said, “Jesus hangs out at the well.”

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