Expecting the Unexpected

We live in a world today that is ever changing.  Gas prices go up and the stock market goes down.  Political races are ever-changing.  Church leaders rise and fall.  One day is good, other days might be bad.  Our future is bright but our future is unknown.  It can change at anytime.  Do we look to the future and plan or do we wait for the future to come and then do something?  Life has unexpected turns.

God expects us to have vision in our lives, however, there must always be a determination that no matter what comes our way, we will not be shaken.  I have had many dreams in my life as a pastor, but found sudden changes came and those dreams were never realized.  For years this discouraged me and frustrated me as if God was somehow against me and forgot my destiny.  Then I realized that although I had dreams for the future, only God knew my future.  Dreams and visions are good and give us a goal to pursue in life, but we must submit our wills to God.  The hardest thing in my life has been to pray the prayer, “Lord, even if my dreams never come to pass, I will still serve you with all of my heart.” 

I firmly believe that when we seek the heart of God, He will direct our paths.  He knows what is best for us.  I can remember many dreams of great things that I had and things fell through.  I look back on this and see that God was saving me from something disastrous.  I am trying to learn what my dream is and what God’s dream is for me.  Sometimes they are not the same.  I have made the determination in my life to serve God no matter what.  To follow His leading, to expect the unexpected but to still dream of great things.  Dreams keep us alive, but if your dream is delayed do not let it kill you.  Resign your will to His majesty, He will have His way in you.

One thought on “Expecting the Unexpected

  1. Great post Danny. I found your blog because someone linked from your post on dreams to mine. Funny how God teaches so many of us the same lessons (sometimes over and over…) 😉

    Look forward to reading you more!

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