Leadership Health Test

Lately, I have been reading the book Leadership From The Inside Outby Kevin Harney.  It takes you on a journey through the leader’s inner life and looks for areas where we can grow.  In the first chapter, Pastor Harney addresses the leader’s heart.  He declares the need for the heart of every leader to be alive and drawn toward the things of God.  In this chapter he gives a test to see where we might need to sharpen and evaluate the condition of our heart.

Answer with a yes or no:

1.  I minister more out of duty than out of love for God.

2.  I can go days or even weeks without sitting at the feet of Jesus, feeding on His Word, or speaking to Him in prayer.

3.  When I prepare messages, my mind is always focused on what others will learn, and the truth of Scripture rarely pierces my heart or stirs my passion.

4.  When I lead in prayer or pray with others, the words sound right to the casual observer, but they feel hollow or empty to me.

5.  I see the people in my church or ministry as a distraction from getting my work done.

6.  I find myself structuring my life in a way that isolates me from people.

7.  I have become so busy doing church work  that I leave no time to connect with spiritual seekers.

8.  I can’t remember the last time I shed a tear for a lost person.

Anyone else convicted?  I have some areas I need to work on, how about you?

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