Communicating God’s Word

One of the privileges we have as pastors is the call to share the Word of God with this generation.  It is a high calling and we should not take it lightly.  Because of the responsibility that has been laid upon ministers, we must seek every opportunity to hone our craft.  We are mouthpieces for God and if we fail to grow in our skills as a preacher, we fall short of our calling. 

There are several ways that we can ensure that we are growing in our communication:

1.  Prayer – There is no substitute for the anointing of the Holy Spirit upon the preaching of the Word of God.  Preaching without the anointing of the Spirit is only a speech.  A prayerless preacher is a powerless preacher.  God help us not be be dependant on our own abilities, we must rely on Him.

2.  Preparation – Study, study, study.  An ill-prepared message is laziness.  We are communicating the life-changing message of Jesus Christ, for us to enter the pulpit with little preparation is taking our calling for granted.  I know we have busy weeks as pastors, but we must make sure that we are preparing to the best of our ability.  Dig for the truth from God’s Word.  Study the history of the text.  Look for something that will impact others lives.

3.  Passion – Be passionate about what you preach.  Let people know that it has affected your life.  If there is no passion in your heart for the message, you can guarantee there will be no passion for them to receive it.  Our messages should stir us before they ever stir anyone else.  Be transparent when you preach.  Let people know that you need that message as much as they do.  Passion is not how loud you preach or even a style of preaching.  Passion is simply you being moved by what you are preaching.

4.  Purpose – There must be a purpose in our preaching.  This is why I like series.  They help stay on a topic that is necessary for the church you minister.  There should always be direction in your message.  If you do not know where you are going, no one else will either.  Let there be purpose in what you communicate.  Will it change lives?  Will it bring maturity?  Will it answer questions biblically or are we only preaching what is fashionable for today?

5.  Practical – Every message should connect people’s everyday lives to the timeless Word of God.  The Bible is relevant and practical for today’s time.  It has the answer to all of life’s issues.  In fact, to be practical we must deal with the whole of the Word of God.  The sin and the promises.  Everything must be introduced in the lives of our congregation.  We should always endeavor to show them how the Word of God applies to where they are today.  The only way for people to find victory is by showing them that God has provided the victory over all of their lives.

6.  Pursuit – Last, our messages should always seek to draw people to a deeper relationship with God.  If they are unbelievers we should point them to salvation in Christ.  If they are believers we must teach them how to grow in their pursuit of Christ-likeness.

In every thing we do as communicators, we must learn that this is a holy calling and one day we will be accountable for how we ministered.  We must be careful that we do not follow the fads of preaching but rather what the Holy Spirit leads us to do in preaching. 

One last thing, it is wise to study other great communicators and see their styles and how they prepare their messages.  I have learned alot by just listening to other preachers.  We should listen, read and pray in our pursuit to become a great communicator.

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