Tommy Barnett School Part 2

Last week I went to the Tommy Barnett School of Ministry and what an incredible week it was.  When you walk onto the massive campus of a church of that magnitude you cannot help but dream that one day you might be able to accomplish something that awesome.

I witnessed first hand what God can do with surrendered people and what can be done when the foundation of the church is laid with prayer and soul-winning.  Tommy Barnett has definitely built an awesome church.

As I sat in teaching sessions and watched the services, I couldn’t help but be impressed with the hearts of those serving in Phoenix.  They are truly doing things for the glory of God.  I was struck by what Pastor Tommy prayed from the pulpit, “Lord, if we do this for our own glory strike us dead behind this pulpit.”  That is a prayer that was heartfelt.

On Tuesday night, Tommy Barnett did an illustrated message that used drama, music and video to talk about overcoming life’s hardships.  At the conclusion, over 1000 were saved and then nearly 100 were filled with the Holy Spirit.  God is at work.

As I came back to Nederland, my heart was stirred that we need to focus on winning our community to Christ.  God desires for every church to be a soul winning church.  For too long the church has become inclusive…all about us and our membership.  But God isn’t concerned as much about what we have now, He wants to bring new people to Him.  “Lord, help us to be a church built for your honor.”

More on the Tommy Barnett School, next week.

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